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[PUBLICATION] SERI launches new guide for street traders in eThekwini (6 December 2022).

Traders eThekwiniToday, SERI, the South African Informal Traders Forum and the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network launched a new guide for street traders in eThekwini entitled “Street Trade in eThekwini: Your Rights”.

It explains the rights of informal traders and the laws and policies that protect them, and gives informal traders practical advice on how to engage with the eThekwini Municipality and its officials. The guide begins by setting out how one can become a registered informal trader. It then sets out the legal relationships between registered informal traders and the Municipality. It then describes the Municipality’s powers in regulating informal trade and sets out what legal steps traders can take when they experience unfair treatment by the Municipality. The guide ends with a section explaining the importance of protecting human rights defenders and a list of useful contact details.

The guide is based on an earlier guide that SERI produced for traders in Johannesburg and has been developed in close consultation with street traders operating in eThekwini, drawing directly from their experiences and insights. The guide is also available in IsiZulu

  • Download the new guide for street traders in eThekwini here.
  • Download the new guide for street traders in eThekwini in IsiZulu here.
  • Download the earlier guide for street traders in Johannesburg here.