ICF Workshop

On 21 – 23 February, SERI hosted a paralegal workshop for the Inner City Federation on eviction law and rights. The workshop was attended by 15 members and leaders of the ICF. The three day workshop sought to train ICF leaders on the use of the law in defending socio-economic rights, educate participants on PIE rights and how to assist others to resist illegal evictions in the inner city and educate participants on the court process and drafting court papers. 

The ICF is a coalition of low-income tenants and unlawful occupiers in inner city Johannesburg, who have either been forcibly evicted or live under the threat of eviction. Since it’s formation in 2015, number of tenants and unlawful occupiers who are affiliated with the ICF has grown to include over 50 buildings

The three-day workshop provided participants with practical examples of defending against an illegal eviction, equipped them with the basics of representing themselves in court and guided them on how to draft various court papers.