eviction application - just and equitable - Clocolan Magistrates Court

SERI represents the residents of a property in Clocolan, Free State, which is used as a children’s home to provide shelter and security for homeless children. The children’s home is registered as a non-profit organisation called Bethel Haven, run by Mrs Anicia Makhubu and her husband, Mr Daniel Makhubu, together with a management committee. They, along with their children, are facing eviction from the property by a Ms Groenewald, on behalf of the registered owner of the property, My Painted House Foundation. The Foundation is a charity registered in British Columbia, Canada.

The Makhubus and their children have lived and run the children’s home on the property since 2006, when the Foundation bought the house for them. SERI is therefore defending the eviction application on the basis that it will not be just and equitable for an elderly couple, together with the orphaned children in their care, to be evicted from their home.

  • Residents' answering affidavit here and counter-application here (14 January 2015).
  • Founding affidavit (25 November 2014) here.