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[REPORT] 14 October Mass Demonstration Against Poverty, Housing Injustice and Xenophobia (14 October 2023).

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On October 14, 2023, a monumental mass demonstration unfolded in Johannesburg, marking an overwhelming success. Approximately three thousand activists representing a diverse coalition of working-class community civics, housing advocates, socialist movements, civil society, inner-city residents, and victims of the Marshalltown fire came together for a common cause. This demonstration was a resolute stand against poverty, housing injustice, and xenophobia, addressing key issues plaguing the city.

The march commenced from the Hillbrow Recreational Centre, where people started gathering at 9:00 AM and began marching at 10:00 AM. The procession traversed many areas of the Johannesburg Central Business District, including 80 Albert Street, the site of a tragic incident where 77 lives were lost, survivors sustained severe injuries, and many lost their homes and livelihoods. The march concluded at the Gauteng Legislature, responsible for turning the national housing budget into real accommodation. The protesters dispersed at 2:00 PM.



  • Download the full report here