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[OP-ED] SERI's Matete Masola writes about the lack of accountability for Marikana, 11 years later (16 August 2023).

Masola Daily maverick

On 15 August 2023, on the eve of the 11th anniversary of the Marikana Massacre, the Daily Maverick published an op-ed written by SERI intern Matete Masola entitled, 'Justice delayed is justice denied: 11 years since the Marikana Massacre and still no closure'. In the op-ed, Masola describes the lack lack of accountability for the massacre and the impact that the slow pace of justice has had on the victims of the massacre. He writes:

"Ma’Nomandiya Joyce Jokanisi, the mother of Semi Jokanisi, was laid to rest on 2 January 2021 without knowing who killed her son or even why he was killed. Semi Jokanisi was shot dead on 13 August 2012 in a clash between police and striking mineworkers."

Masola adds that the continued lack of accountability on the part of the State "renders hollow any statements by the state about the gravity of the massacre." He argues that this  characterises a failure, on the part of the South African government to "give this national human tragedy the necessary attention and priority it deserves to bring closure to the victims."

  • Read the full op-ed here