Rental Housing Submission 2022Last week, SERI made a submission to the Department of Human Settlements on the Rental Housing Tribunal Regulations, 2021. Prior to this submission, SERI engaged with the previous version of the Rental Housing Tribunal Regulations and made a submission in May 2021. SERI stands by its original submission and wish to supplement it with additional emphases on some key aspects in this submission. SERI acknowledges that several of its previous suggestions appear to have been taken into consideration and relevant changes are reflected in the current version of the Regulations.

SERI welcomes the Regulations and seek to make submissions on six components we believe will be important in fulfilling the ambitions of the Regulations and the Rental Housing Act to promote a stable and growing market that progressively meets the latent demand for affordable rental housing among previously disadvantaged, poor and low-income persons.  These are: 

  • Affordable rental; 
  • Remission or abatement of rent;
  • Legal aid representation for tenants; 
  • Defined terms; 
  • Formalistic and inaccessible Regulations;
  • Comments on lease agreements;
  • Comments on norms and standards.

The submission provides specific recommendations for each concern. 

  • Read SERI’s 2022 submission here
  • Read SERI’s 2021 submission here