Newsletter header Q2 2021


This is SERI’s second 2021 newsletter. In it we present a few highlights from our work in the four months (May to August) since the April newsletter which covered the January to April period.

In this period, SERI and IZWI launched a new resource guide for employers of domestic workers. Together with various partner organisations, we produced three factsheets on COIDA, police accountability and the post-Marikana Panel of Experts Report. We participated in a dialogue hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation where two of SERI’s urban land reform papers were launched. We launched a book by former SERI executive director, Stuart Wilson, titled “Human rights and the transformation of property”. We made policy submissions to parliament, the United Nations and the Department of Human Settlements. 

SERI’s litigation highlights include support to CSAAWU shop steward, Ms Van Wyk, to challenge her dismissal for expressing her opinion, and engagement on Ms Maria Mahlangu’s family claim under COIDA and challenging the inappropriate use of interdicts to stifle protest in the Constitutional Court. SERI has also been attending the Marikana criminal trial relating to the murders of 13 August 2012 as part of our work for justice for the Marikana Massacre.

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