Research Intern

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Amaarah is a Research intern who has been placed at SERI via her participation in the Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute’s (ASRI) Future Leaders Programme. Her core interests include social justice, political economy and economic development. These interests are all pursued in her academic studies, her organisational commitments and her current work at SERI. Academically, she is pursuing her Masters Degree in Applied Development Economics at Wits University. Organisationally she is the Head of Politics, South African and International Affairs with the Union of Muslim Students’ Associations (MSA Union). Her participation at ASRI included political education and exposure to South African issues and social research. An executive member of the Rethinking Economics for Africa Wits Branch, Amaarah is committed to making economics more accessible and agitating for a pro-poor South African economic framework. Her interests in social justice range from activism against gender-based violence to advocating for the realisation of human rights.