Prof Jonathan Klaaren is a Professor of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand, and was the former Director of the Mandela Institute and the former co-Director of the School of Law's Winter Law School. Prof Klaaren has a BA from Harvard, an MA from the University of Cape Town, a JD from Columbia University, an LLB from Wits and a PhD in Sociology from Yale University.

Prof Klaaren has served on numerous university committees and currently serves on the Immigration Advisory Board of the Department of Home Affairs. He has co-authored two books on South African administrative and access to information law and co-edited two books on SA refugees law.  He organised the Law and Society Association Summer Institute in 2006, was a founding member of WISER (2001-2002) and received University of the Witwatersrand Young Researcher's Award (Friedel Schellschop Award) in 1998. He has served as Law Clerk to US Judge A Leon Higginbotham, Jr (1991-1992) and as an intern at the Legal Resources Centre (LRC) in Cape Town in 1989.

Prof Klaaren's research interests include international and comparative public law and human rights, citizenship and migration law, transnational regulation (including trade and investment law) and socio-legal studies (including legal history and the legal profession).