On Tuesday, 23 July 2019, SERI researcher Thato Masiangoako presented at an international conference on the management of public assemblies hosted by the Centre for Human Rights and Policy StThato CHRIPSudies (CHRIPS) in Nairobi, Kenya. Thato presented on 'Strengthening civil society's role in holding the police accountable for human rights violations during public protest policing (in South Africa)'. Thato shared some of the main findings that came out of the Police Accountability Workshop hosted in March 2019. In her presentation, Thato also shed light on some of the work that SERI has to defend the right to peacefully assemble through its work with communities and movements. 

The conference formed part of a larger project by CHRIPS that has been monitoring and researching protests in Kenya. The conference sought to understand how different actors including civil society, activists, and researchers from the continent manage protests and assemblies.

Other presenters included Dr. Duncan Ochieng (National Police Service Airwing - Kenya) and Dr. Petronila Otuya (St. Paul’s University), Wilfred Olal (social justice advocate and organiser) together with Dr. Naomi van Stapele (University of Amsterdam), Marion Ogeto (Katiba Institute), Melissa Mungai (CHRIPS), David Igbodo (former Nigerian Commissioner of Police), and Davis Malombe (Kenya Human Rights Commission).

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