media trainingOn Sunday, 4 November 2018, Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon from the Anthropology department of the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and SERI co-hosted a media workshop for members of the Inner City Federation (ICF). The workshop, held at the Wits University's Anthropology Museum, focused on introducing ICF members to various styles of writing for media and on strengthening the organisation’s advocacy skills. Adriana Miranda da Cunha of Santa Catarina State University in Brazil led a session to frame an inner city story; Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon led a session in which participants framed their story in different ways such as opinion editorials, features and media releases; Natasha Joseph of Conversation Africa (and former news editor at City Press) gave important insights on how to engage with the media, and social-media expert Lebohang Masango presented on how to best use Twitter and other forms of social media as ICF advocacy tools.  

The ICF, founded in 2015, is a coalition of tenants and unlawful occupiers from over 40 buildings in inner-city Johannesburg that organise around shared struggles. It is comprised of two members from each building or building committee who attend monthly meetings and allows inner-city residents to share their experiences, build unity and solidarity, and functions as a platform for knowledge sharing. The workshop was designed to support the ICF’s initiatives to “take more power over your story by telling it yourself”.  


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