Ed Morning Live


On Monday, SERI research and advocacy officer, Edward Molopi joined SABC's Morning Live to discuss Gauteng Province’s intentions to expropriate unused privately owned land without compensation. This follows last month's African National Congress Land Summit where national and provincial governments were urged to test section 25 of the constitution in its current form and go ahead with the expropriation of land without compensation. Molopi discusses the possibility of expropriating land within the current legislative framework, using expropriation for redistributive purposes and explains why a Constitutional ammendment may be premature. 

Earlier this year, SERI made a submission to the Joint Committee on Constitutional Review in Parliament, which has been tasked with reviewing section 25 of the Constitution (the property clause). SERI’s submission considers expropriation as a policy tool for the implementation of land reform and highlights the potential that it has to assist the state in unlocking speculatively held or abandoned land. It further argues that expropriation can enable the state to acquire vacant land and buildings which could then be used for the provision of permanent housing.