On 9 May 2018, SERI research associate, Michael Clark, delivered a lecture on spatiality, power and powerlessness in the city to a group of approximately ten post-graduate students at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria (the university). The lecture formed part of a programme on Leadership in Urban Transformation, a one-year programme aimed at faith-based practitioners completing their Masters in Practical Theology at the university.

The lecture aimed to assist the group of post-graduate students in understanding the issues related to spatial (in)justice, the powers that create or reproduce spatial inequalities, and the range of civic responses to spatial inequality (including organising, participating in local government decision-making processes, occupation and litigation). The lecture was based on various SERI research publications, including Edged Out: Spatial Mismatch and Spatial Justice in South Africa's Main Urban Areas (November 2016), Evictions and Alternative Accommodation in South Africa 2000-2016: An Analysis of the Jurisprudence and Implications for Local Government 2 ed (February 2016), and Minding the Gap: An Analysis of the Supply of and Demand for Low-Income Rental Accommodation in Inner City Johannesburg (November 2013).

  • Download the Edged Out report here.
  • Download the Evictions and Alternative Accommodation in South Africa report here.
  • Download  the Minding the Gap report here.