On 8 October 2017, SERI community research and advocacy officer, Edward Molopi, appeared on SABC News to discuss the lack of affordable housing options available to low income households in inner-city Johannesburg. Molopi raised serious concerns about the City of Johannesburg (the City)'s reliance on private sector developers to develop affordable rental housing in city-owned buildings, stating that these developers' profit motive mean that "they are likely to charge much more than people can afford". 

According to the 2011 Census, over 50% of the households in inner-city Johannesburg earn less than R3 200 a month. This means that they cannot afford to pay rental of more than R800 a month. Although the City has committed to providing more affordable rental housing in the inner-city, the inability of social housing institutions and private sector developers to produce housing with a rental of less than R800 a month means that the vast majority of low income households are priced out of the rental market. 

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