SERI will attend a two-day Summit organised by the National Human Settlements Department from 21 to 22 September 2017. The Summit aims to critically assess the South African human settlements and urban development context and reflect on how stakeholders will work, collectively, to build our future today and ensure liveable spaces for every family.

As part of the programme, the Summit will be composed of 5 thematic commissions, to present, exchange and debate proposals. In the commissions, the facilitators will ensure active engagement, in a workshop style, with a rapporteur capturing the proposals. These proposals will then be captured as a draft South African implementation plan for the New Urban Agenda to be presented back to plenary on 22 September. The Commissions are arranged as follows:


Commission 1: Scenarios for Human Settlements Policy and programme choices

Commission 2: Spatial Targeting and inter-governmental planning alignment

Commission 3: Integrated Urban Development and implementing the New Urban Agenda: Local action for inclusive urban and rural management

Commission 4: Up-scaling innovation and transformative technologies – building smart communities

Commission 5: Re-imagining finance for housing and human settlements development


  • See Summit programme here
  • See Summit concept note here
  • Download SERI Reseach on Spatial Mismatch here