SERI and the History Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand are inviting submissions for a large public convening to engage the aftermath of the Marikana massacre and the Farlam Commission of Inquiry that followed it. This convening will take place in Johannesburg from the evening of 7 May to 9 May 2015. The public convening will provide a space in which competing narratives around what happened at Marikana can be aired, alongside and in engagement with the ‘official’ history, as set out in the Commission's report.

We are inviting proposals that discuss and engage with competing stories and histories of Marikana, both official and unofficial. We encourage proposals that engage with the processes of narrative construction in the Commission of Inquiry: with the legal framework and its rules of evidence, with political claims made, with activism in and around the hearing. What kinds of stories has the Commission encouraged, and what has it left out?

We also encourage proposals that tell other stories: what are the contexts within which Marikana occurred? What has happened afterwards – whether in the mining sector, in the home communities of the miners, or among the families of the deceased? The effects of the events at Marikana are continuing to resonate across the country: what might their impact come to be in the future?

In addition to critical academic papers, we are seeking practitioners’ and activists’ reflections on their involvement in Marikana and the Farlam Commission. Proposals for creative and artistic responses to the massacre and the Commission – including forms of creative writing, visual arts, curated exhibitions, performances, and other unclassifiable work – will be welcomed.

The deadline for proposals is 26 September 2014. Download the detailed call for proposals here.