On Monday, 5 May 2014, a new book entitled Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa: Symbols or Substance? will be launched at the L-70 Graduate Centre at the University of Pretoria at 5:15 pm. SERI senior researcher Jackie Dugard is one of the book's editors, together with Malcolm Langford, Ben Cousins and Tshepo Madlingozi.

This important book focuses on a range of socio-economic rights and national trends in law and political economy. The book's authors show how socio-economic rights have influenced the development of civil society discourse and action in South Africa. The evidence suggests that some strategies have achieved material and political impact but this is conditional on the nature of the claim, degree of mobilization and alliance building, and underlying constraints.

Former Justice of the Constitutional Court, Zak Yacoob, will be the guest speaker at the event.