On 10 April 2013, Judge Satchwell in the Johannesburg High Court granted an interim order in the Dladla (Ekuthuleni shelter) case. The order states that, pending the finalisation of Part B of the application, the Ekuthuleni house rules should be relaxed to the extent that the occupiers are permitted to remain in the shelter during the day; the cut-off time for entering the shelter at night is 22:00 (subject to MES’s discretion to permit people to enter at a later time by prior arrangement); and two of the occupiers are permitted to occupy a separate room at the shelter. The application for final relief will be heard by Judge Satchwell on 21 May 2013.

This application raises fundamental issues concerning the connection between socio-economic rights and the rights to dignity, privacy and freedom and security of the person. The residents are represented by advocates Stuart Wilson and Paul Kennedy SC. See more on the case here.