On 10 April 2013 SERI will be in court for two important cases: Hlophe (Chung Hua) and Dladla (Ekuthuleni shelter). In the Hlophe enforcement application, SERI seeks an order declaring that the Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, the City Manager and the Director of Housing are responsible for taking all the necessary steps to see to it that the City complies with an order to provide alternative accommodation to the occupiers of Chung Hua Mansions facing eviction and homelessness, failing which SERI will be able apply to have the three office-bearers committed for contempt.

In the Dladla case, SERI represents the former residents of Saratoga Avenue, who were moved to the Ekuthuleni shelter in May 2012 by the City of Johannesburg as part of the Blue Moonlight Constitutional Court judgment. The conditions at the Ekuthuleni shelter are extremely draconian: people are locked out of the shelter during the day in order to stop them "avoiding work"; spouses and life-partners have been separated from each other and placed in gender-differentiated dormitories; and a child who moved to the shelter has been separated from her grandmother - her only guardian - and placed in a children's home. In this application, SERI seek an interim interdict to suspend the daytime lock-out rule, and compel the shelter to allow spouses and life-partners to live together.

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