Radio New Frame Police BrutalityOn 12 June 2020, SERI researcher Thato Masiangoako spoke to New Frame's Musawenkosi Cabe for a podcast episode about police brutality for Radio New Frame. In the podcast, Masiangoako and Cabe discussed the excessive use of force by law enforcement during the nationwide lockdown instituted in terms of the Disaster Management Act, 2002. In the discussion, the nature of abuses witnessed during the lockdown were analysed in relation to other examples of police violence post-1994.

Masiangoako argued that the lack of accountability for previous incidents of police violence has contributed to the public being desensitised to acts of police brutality. She argued that the middle and upper class have been able to be shielded from the reality of police brutality because it is largely meted out against poor and marginalised groups in South Africa who are predominantly black. What the lockdown did was shine a harsh light on the issue of police brutality in a way that was not been possible before.

In the podcast, Masiangoako and Cabe also discussed why the South African public's outrage at the death of George Floyd in the United States helped to draw attention to local incidents police brutality and why it was a catalyst for South Africa's government to finally address the issue publically.

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