On Tuesday, 9 June 2020, SERI’s Lauren Royston made a presentation to the UN-Habitat’s Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) webinar session on COVID-19 response in informal settlements. The PSUP strives to provide a platform of exchange and learning from cases around the world that can be adapted and applied in developing integrated and inclusive responses to COVID-19. This session formed part of the second series of webinars on COVID-19 response by the PSUP. 

Royston’s presentation framed land administration in off-register contexts and highlighted the COVID experiences in Informal Settlement and inner-city context. People living in dense informal settlements and occupied inner-city buildings are among the most vulnerable in a crisis. Any crisis, especially one of the magnitude of the COVID-19 global pandemic, brings inequality into sharp focus. It is the most vulnerable who are at high risk due to their living conditions: tenure insecurity, densely populated areas, inadequate household water and sanitation, little or no waste management, and invisibility in official data systems. 

The PSUP will host two other sessions in the series focusing on livelihoods and community empowerment and the third focusing on environmental sanitation and health protection