Welcome Zamo Asenati Neri


SERI is delighted to welcome Nomzamo Zondo as the new Executive Director. Nomzamo joined SERI as an attorney in February 2013. She became SERI’s third Director of Litigation in July 2014 and was elected to SERI’s Board in May 2018. During her time at SERI Nomzamo has secured compensation for the families of the victims of the Marikana massacre. She has reversed “Operation Clean Sweep”, the unlawful eviction of Johannesburg’s 8000 informal traders, before securing hundreds of extra market stalls for those traders. She has secured a binding legal commitment to upgrade the Slovo Park Informal Settlement, directly benefitting the lives of over 10 000 people.  Nomzamo is a highly skilled litigator as well as a passionate and effective advocate for justice. We look forward to her continued work in advancing South Africa’s constitutional vision still further.

We are further pleased to welcome Asenati Tukela and Nerishka Singh as two new candidate attorneys to our litigation team. 

Asenati completed his LLB degree at Walter Sisulu University in 2015. He has demonstrated a long-standing commitment and passion for social justice, human rights activism, and public interest litigation. During his studies, he was an active member of Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) and volunteered for Constitutional Literacy and Service Initiative (CLASI) working widely as a social justice activist. His activism was coupled with a great deal of student governance and leadership which led to his active participation in the #FeesMustFall movement and his election as the Secretary General of the Juridical Society (commonly known as Law Student’s Council) in his second year. Before joining SERI, he worked at the South African Human Rights Commission as a Research Associate based in the office of the Chief Operations Officer. 

Nerishka holds a BA (Political Studies) and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is looking to pursue a Masters Degree which focuses on human rights litigation, with a specific interest in the rights of women and children in South Africa. Her interests include politics, legal transformation, and current affairs which touch on the socio-economic realities of different groups in South Africa. Nerishka Singh joins SERI as a candidate attorney in January 2020 having previously worked as a research intern at SERI from February 2019.