VRU WCL Dugard article journalThe World Comparative Law Journal (Zeitschrift Verfassung und Recht in Übersee; VRÜ) recently published an article by Wits Professor Jackie Dugard, SERI co-founder and board member. In the article, she reflects on SERI’s model of strategic litigation as a tool to advance equality in South Africa. She describes the model as:

“a distinctively responsive and integrated model…informed by research and advocacy, as well as through relationships built with socio-economically excluded individuals and communities, social movements… and other non-governmental organisations.”

In the article Dugard looks back on SERI’s 10 years of strategic litigation, with a focus on the impact made by cases that SERI has taken up over the years to advance the right to protest under the ‘Expanding Political Space’ thematic area and the right to adequate housing under the ‘Securing a Home’ as means of promoting equality. She argues that:

“SERI’s model of strategic litigation does not measure success or failure in terms of wins or losses in court. Rather, SERI’s model is based on an understanding of the strategic role that the law can play in opening up spaces in which subordinate groups can organise and mobilise for social change.”

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