Nerishka ESTA article On Wednesday, 25 September 2019, the Business Day published an op-ed by SERI research intern, Nerishka Singh on the Extension of Security of Tenure Act of 1997 (ESTA) and the security it offers to farm dwellers beyond the protection against unlawful and arbitrary evictions. 

“The Extension of Security of Tenure Act (ESTA) is known as a legal mechanism to protect farm dwellers from unlawful and arbitrary evictions. The act, however, goes far further than this. Its provisions are designed to protect and promote the dignity of farm dwellers and can be applied to farm dwellers’ daily lives — to protect them from deplorable working and living conditions and from the abuse of power.”

  • Read the full op-ed here
  • Learn more about ESTA from SERI’s guide here

The guide is also accompanied by five information sheets available in English and Afrikaans:

Furthermore, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform conducts Land Rights Awareness Campaign which, among other things, deal with legal representation and mediation services. The department also operates a free call centre service for people on commercial farms who cannot afford to make paid telephone calls when reporting incidents of illegal evictions, land rights violations and other problems related to their security of tenure on farms. Learn more about these services here.