Lindo Panel on landOn 11 July 2018, SERI attorney, Lindokuhle Mdabe, participated in a panel discussion on land and land reform in South Africa on David O'Sullivan's Breakfast show on Kaya FM 95.9. The panel discussion also included King Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko from the KwaBhaca Great Kingdom, Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi and Lyn Apies from the Griqua Royal House, and dealt with a wide array of issues, including land dispossession, customary law and the South African Constitution.

Mdabe reflected on the historical roots that underlie the spatial injustice which contiues to characterise South Africa today and spoke about the need for the state to more creatively utilise the existing mechanisms at its disposal for land reform. He specifically refers to section 9(3) of the Housing Act 107 of 1997 (the Housing Act), which enables the state to expropriate land for the purposes of providing housing. He criticised the lack of implementation by state officials, stating:

"The state has been recalcitrant in using expropriation measures in the law to expropriate for land reform."

  • Listen to the full podcast of the panel discussion here.