Students Rights Guide imageOn 31 January 2018, SERI attorney, Zamatungwa Khumalo, spoke at an event organised by Amnesty International at the University of the Witwatersrand about students' right to protest. The event was attended by a group of approximately 15 students. Khumalo's presentation dealt with the rights associated with protest and the recent ground-breaking court case in Mlungwana v the Stateas well as students' powers to record the activities of police officers and security guards during protest action.

The presentation was on based SERI's recent resource guide, entitled Student Protests: A Legal and Practical Guide (September 2017), which explains students' rights to protest, as well as students' rights when they are arrested, detained or charged with a crime during a protest. The guide also explain what laws and policies say about these rights and what legal protections students have. The guide aims to create awareness of the rights and obligations of those involved in stduent protests to encourage students, university administrators, police and private security guards to respect human rights and mitigate the disproportionate and unlawful use of force. Copies of the guide were distributed at the event.

  • Download Student Protests: A Legal and Practical Guide (September 2017) here.
  • Read more about Mlungwana v the State here.