On 2 June 2017, at least 100 people living on land under a bridge in Newtown that is currently owned by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) faced an eviction.

Legalbrief quotes SERI in their newsletter about the City of Johannesburg intervening on behalf of PRASA evictees:

The City of Johannesburg has obtained an order from the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) allowing occupiers in Newtown to return to land owned by Prasa after they were evicted on Friday. A Mail & Guardian Online report says the evictions were carried out by the Red Ants on the basis of a High Court order, which stipulated that an eviction can take place only if the City provides ‘all deserving unlawful occupiers’ with alternative accommodation. The court instructed the City to file a report about the accommodation, when it will be available, and ‘an undertaking to make that accommodation available’. The City subsequently failed to abide by the order because it did not provide accommodation itself as the court had ordered. Stuart Wilson, of the Socio-Economic Rights Institution, said the eviction on Friday was illegal because the court order allowing it to take place was suspended. ‘These people shouldn’t be evicted without alternative accommodation being provided,’ Wilson said.

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