Dennis Webster has penned a piece in the Daily Maverick discussing why SERI's recently published Informal Trade in Johannesburg: Your Rights will be important for street traders in the city, and around the country. He suggests that the current climate in which street traders make a living does not support the development of a haelthy informal sector in which traders can meet the demand for their products and services:

"The informal economy and the people who work in it are crucial to the South African economy: 27% of people working in South Africa work informally, contributing 8% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) every year. In a broader context of rampant unemployment, these jobs, which are predominantly taken up by women, support thousands of families. Informal businesses also provide poor and working class families with cheap and readily available goods and services.

However those making a living in the informal sector do not receive the same protection from local governments as formal businesses do."

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