Today SERI's Director of Research and Advocacy Lauren Royston will be presenting research on spatial justice at the South African Local Government Association's NEC Lekgotla in Cape Town. 

The presentation will be based on SERI's "Edged Out" report which was published in December 2016. The report presents evidence of "spatial mismatch" in South African cities. Housing for the poor tends to be located far away from job opportunities. The report provides evidence that South African cities remain characterised by Apartheid spatial injustices which contributes to reproducing unemployment, poverty and inequality. 

The report concludes that properly regulated, socially responsible development can help lift people out of poverty. Government must intervene in housing and land markets more proactively to provide well-located and affordable housing for the poor. This will be central to dismantling the “Apartheid city”. For the first time SERI’s research creates a metric by which government and other researchers can measure efforts to achieve spacial justice in cities.

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