SERI researchers Dennis Webster and Edward Molopi have written a piece in the Business Day on the Fischer case, which will be heard later this week in the Western Cape High Court, and some of the realities of life in the Marikana informal settlement.

They argue that, "more rigorous state intervention in urban property regimes propped up by inherited spatial legacies and unchallenged market forces are now required to undo SA’s "apartheid cities".

If the high court rules in favour of the Marikana residents and orders the state to consider expropriation, it will represent an unprecedented victory for the victims of Cape Town’s housing crisis against one of the most exclusive property regimes in the world.

It will also signal a fundamental shift in poor people’s struggles for access to well-located, serviced urban land and its attendant social and economic benefits and may set in place a legal strategy that can be utilised in these struggles."

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