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Lauren Royston joined SERI in February 2014 as the organisation's Director of Research and Advocacy. In 2017, Lauren stepped down from this post, but continues to work at SERI as a Senior Research Associate on a part-time basis. Prior to joining SERI, she was a principal at Development Works, a development practice based in Johannesburg, for sixteen years where she undertook a wide range of consulting projects involving research, policy advocacy, writing and management.

Lauren has many years of experience working on urban land and planning and urban tenure security. She spent seven years coordinating the tenure theme at Urban LandMark and led the Tenure Security Facility, a regional project aimed at promoting incremental tenure security in informal settlement upgrading. Her other area of recent focus is on anti-evictions work in Johannesburg’s inner city.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies and English Literature, a Master of Science in Development Planning and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, all from the University of the Witwatersrand.


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